For many people, validating the baccalaureate is more practical than going to a regular school to follow the traditional educational scheme. Our study modality is simple to explain: throughout the month, we provide high school classes online using exclusively pedagogical platforms, developed by the USA. One day a month, the student attends one of the educational institutions belonging to our directory, which is closest to him, just to present his exams. This will give him his certification upon completing all the tests of the subjects that he must take.


Therefore, this educational modality works very well for the adult person who has to work and can not attend a regular school. For some parents who would prefer their children to study at home because sending their children to school every day is difficult due to the expenses that this can generate, even when the institution is public. These are just some conditions, in addition to the current situation due to the coronavirus worldwide, that this pedagogical strategy wants to correct. Likewise, this modality is ideal for blind students or with other physical disabilities who find it very difficult to leave their homes to go to study. Because we have our entire educational structure available so that student without any disabilities can read it through from the Internet, so that blind students, or people with any degree or paralysis can listen to it.


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