Our Objectives

Mission and Vision

We are convinced that people with disabilities can be productive for society. If they receive formal education and training, with technology and tools created specific to their disability, they could become part of the labor force. Unfortunately governments in Latin America do not want to invest because people with visual impairments are underestimated by their government, for instance across all regions, they do not even have an audio library. A country without libraries is a country without schools. Our mission is to send technology, audiobooks, and teachers who understand special education to help blind students in Latin America.

According to https://sgp.orbis.org, there are more than 26 million people who are visually impaired.

Our pedagogical vision offers more comfort to study, more technology and more ecnonomy: why study at more; it allows generating savings not only in mony but also in the time invested. Times hace changed; untill approxiamted 20 years ago, a letter took 20 days ti gi from one country to another; now we send it in a minute from where ew are to anywhere in the world.

The pleaces that sold music were large stores where the client to nuy several songs, to be able listen to the one they prefer, now we can buy only the song ew like, or get hugeamounts of free music without leaving home, these are just small examples of how technology has nowsim plified our lives. It is definitelyun deniable yhay with the same impact that the invention of ligth changed the world, the internet did too.

In almost every sense the dynamics os our daily lives have accelerated evidently the study schemes as well. Our vision is focused in providing, in a short time, the sames academic level that the person acquires by physycally attending any regular school dor several years. Just as different technologies have simplificated our lives,we have simplified the process to cover the baccalaureate, but we have not reduced   its content or quality.

Our vision is to be able to bring this educational modality to Latin American countries: regular students and students with visual impairments, or who have other severe physical challenges.

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