Baccalaureate in format Audio

Although the support that people with visual impairment receive from the National Institute for the Blind in Colombia (INCH), located at Carrera 13 #34-91, Bogotá, is very valuable. Tel: 384-6666; in the areas of: technological training, emotional support and cultural richness. We also want to show that this entity lacks a structure, modality of protocol completely in audio, so that students with visual disabilities can receive all the classes that correspond to the baccalaureate in format audio.

The INC institute declares that the only way that exist for a blind person to attend high school is the coexistence scheme that arises in common agreement; between the teacher of any educational institution and visually impaired person who wants to study high school right there. Blind adults who want to validate it in Saturday classes must follow the same scheme.


This dynamic of inclusion is not workable for all people with disabilities. It is necessary to accept that the majority of teachers who work in the public and private schools are improvising teaching strategies, without having received any prior training. It is easy to see in any part of the country that the inclusion mechanisms are being developed by each school at its own discretion an unfortunately, most of the time without delving into pedagogical precedents about; what techniques are efficient for blind people, or with paralysis in their extremities. For many schools that have some severely disabled students, the main objective is to comply with the law that already abolished student segregation and thus avoid being sued for discrimination. On the other hand, the program offered by the SENA institute, called Angora, is a fallacy; because they stale that they have inclusion programs for blind people, but the student must be able to survive academically independently; this is contradictory.


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