Project description

4 Psycho-pedagogical Columns

We are a non-profit foundation, which has created an inclusion structure based on 4 psycho-pedagogical columns.

The first one is an educational modality totally in audio is that blind people, or people with severe mobility impediments, can take all their baccalaureate classes in audio. Our main mission is to provide: these classes in accessible audio formats, with the support of devices with Artificial Intelligence, educational platforms so that the student can interact with teachers 24/7, etc.

According to Regulatory Decree 103 of 2015, article 8: Declares that every person with whatever their disability is has the right to receive academic education, with systems that they can understand and this is absolutely not fulfilled in our country.

The second column is a sports modality for people with different disabilities, especially visual. For this, we provide Tandem bicycles, that is, these are bicycles designed to be driven by two people. So that those who have disabilities in their hands and blind people can use as many bike paths that exist in the city. According to decree 1946 of 2019 it declares that sports must be aligned for people with disabilities and this is not being fulfilled either.

The third column consists of promoting plays, with a group made up of people with visual impairments. Therefore, we deliver the scripts printed on paper to the director of the group, and we deliver those same scripts in audio on USB flash drives, to the people that make up the group. In addition, we have created a cultural station called, which eventually has to be managed by people with physical and visual disabilities.

The fourth column consist of offering computer classes for blind people, because although Colombia has almost 3 million people with visual impairments, only 1% of this population is receiving computer classes. Although law 1618 of 2013, Guarantees non-discrimination due to disability; all educational institutions reject the visually impaired person, unless he brings someone to helps him in his classes.

In short, this foundation wants to cover some gaps that exist in the educational, sports and artistic world in the population with disabilities.

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