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Although this educational modality has thousands of audiobooks that it can offer to its students, it has decided to deliver only the following list of book for free. The Foundation Miremos Juntos considers that they should be general knowledge for a high school student. Therefore, each student will be able to keep them so that they can have their own personal library. 

Personal library.

Biology today, man in a world in crisis. By Juan Ramón Medina, Precious.

It is an introduction to the science of life; raises the issues of what life is, biological development, sexuality, the fight against disease and old age, animal and human behavior and man facing the crisis of his environment.

The relief of the earth. By Eduardo Martinez de Pison.

It is an introduction to the science of morphology; describes the formation of mountain ranges, volcanoes, fractures, rocks, basins, sockets and morphogenetic systems.

The agony of America, Inquiries about the Hispanic American failure. By Carlos Montaner.

The author reviews the 500 years of Latin American history and explains why poverty and authoritarianism continue to reign instead of peace and wealth and why Latin American countries cannot achieve solid democratic systems.

World Geography. By Editorial Ramon Sopena.

This is an encyclopedic work that presents geographic information on each of the countries and dependencies of the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. For each country it includes data on: physical aspects, industries, commerce, communications, government, and society.

Universal History of civilization. Ancient and Middle Ages. By Ricardo Vera Tornell

Volume one. Covers the history of the ancient oriental empires; China, Japan, Babylonia, Assyria, Israel, Phoenicia, Persia, and Egypt; giving rise to the history of Greece and Rome and passing to the history of Europe until the end of the Middle Ages.
I take two. From the Renaissance to the Atomic Age. By Ricardo Vera Tormell. This is an analysis of the history of the world, from the 16th century to the present, it includes the history of Colonial America and the America Republics, it also covers the history of the world wars and the chronicle of the 20th century until the beginning of the fragmentation from Russia.

From the Conquest to Independence. Three centuries of Hispanic American cultural history. By Mariano Picon Salas

Here the author traces 3 centuries of Spanish American history, in relation to cultural events. It shows that European culture was not only transplanted to the New World, but also mixed with indigenous culture, forming the current Spanish-American culture.

The conquest of Perú. By Jose Antonio Del Busto Duthurburo.

Here the author present how was the conquest of Peru by the Spanish during the first half of the 16th century. It covers the arrival of Pizarro, the military campaigns, the colonization, and the subsequent conquests of other regions of the Inca Empire and the discovery of the Amazon.

Anthology of contemporary Hispanic American poetry. 1914-1970. Compiled By Jose Olivio Jimenez

In presents the works of 37 poets such as Gabriela Mistral, Jorge Luis Borges, Pablo Neruda and others.

Don Quijote de la Mancha. My Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.

First part 1605. An old nobleman upset by Reading books of chivalry is named Knight Errant and goes in search of adventures, accompanied by his mundane squire Sancho Panza. The adventures and situations of the two travelers, as well as the interaction of their two different personalities: one idealist and the other realistic, form the action of this famous novel; considered, prince book of Spanish literature.
Second part 1615. It continues with the adventures and troubles of the old Knight Errant and his squire Sancho Panza through the landscape of La Mancha. During his tours, the author develops the personalities of the protagonists, giving a penetrating vision of the human condition.

Wuthering Heights, By Emily Bronte

This is a classical 19th century novel that place in the bleak heaths of Yorkshire, England. Heathcliff is an orphan raised in the Earnshaws household and passionately loves Catherine Earnshaw and dedicates his life to trying to fulfill that love and taking revenge on those who oppose him.
Second part 1615. It continues with the adventures and troubles of the old Knight Errant and his squire Sancho Panza through the landscape of La Mancha. During his tours, the author develops the personalities of the protagonists, giving a penetrating vision of the human condition.

Maria. By Jorge Isaac

This is an epic novel, set in Valle del Cauca in Colombia, and it is about the unhappy love affair between Maria and her cousin Efrain.

The Maelstrom. By Jose Eustasio Rivera.

Classic novel of the Soth American jungle. The protagonist penetrates the dark, swarming and threatening jungle, in search of his disobedient lover. He soon realizes that the jungle has its own laws and that it destroys those who do not abide by them.

Marinela. By Benito Pérez Galdós.

Falta traducir

The Count of Monte Cristo. By Alexander Dumas.

A Young sailor is wrongly accused of helping the exiled Napoleon in1815 and escapes from prison after 14 years, to take revenge on the men who caused his imprisonment.

Romeo and Juliet. By William Shakespeare.

This is a 16th century romantic tragedy, about two teenagers from rival families who fall in love. A sentence of exile and an imminent marriage arrangement force the two to flee, and a lack of communication has dramatic and irreversible consequences.

The ones below. By Mariano Azuela González.

This is a novel of the Mexican Revolution, where the author reveals the brutality and corruption of Villa's revolution, which was a fight he himself witnessed.

For Whom the Bell Toold. By Ernesto Hemingway.

A young North American professor fights in the Spanish Civil War for the republican cause, falls in love with Maria, and dies with the guerrillas in the Spanish Sierra.

Count Drácula. By Bram Stoker.

This is the history and legend of Bad the impaled. Historical account of the sinister Romanian prince Blad Sepe, who in the Middle Age fought fiercely against the Turkish invaders and whose cruelty gave rise to the legend of: Count Dracula, The Vampire.

The lord of the Rings. By J.J.R Tolkien.

The main character is a young landlord, who inherits the magic ring from his uncle Bilbo, who earned it in his previous adventure. The powers of darkness seek the ring and young Frodo is forced to protect it, embarking on a long and dangerous odyssey.

Bolivar. By Indalecio Lievano Aguirre.

The author is a Colombian historian, who presents an objective biography of Simon Bolivar, the great liberator of South America.

The Immortal Lover, the loves of Simón Bolivar and Manuela Saenz. By Victor W. Von Hagen.

This is the biography of Manuela Saenz; Simon Bolivar's lover, who tells the history of an extraordinary woman, who accompanies the liberator in his military and political campaigns and the ends up being despised throughout the continent, due to the strong influence she exerted on him.

Gandhi. His life and his message to humanity. By Louis Fischer.

This is a story of the renowned man, whole of the Indian freedom struggle and preached a philosophy, which has exerted a beneficial influence throughout the world up to the present.

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz or the Traps of Faith. By Octavio Paz.

This is a biography of the famous seventeenth-century Mexican nun, which tries to clarify the reasons that led a beautiful Young woman to abandon court life, to enter a convent. There she became one of the most famous writers and poets in the world.

The Last Night of the Titanic. By Walter Lord.

This is a detailed account of what happened aboard the ocean liner Titanic when it began to sink after hitting an ice floe on April 14, 1912. Based on the accounts of the surviving passengers and crew.

The Bible.

It should be noted that this educational modality also offers an audio catalog, so that the disables person can have the opportunity to listen to short prefaces of the thousands of books available through this educational modality. Before the student makes the decision, spend time reading any of the books that have caught your attention.


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