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Sport Modality

 We’d appreciate your support, so we are able to continue providing more tandems for blind people in Latin America.

Also, we motivate blind people to take swimming classes. In a swimming pool there’s less risk for an accident like in other sports, soccer, volleyball, track, etc. We also provide aikido classes for self-defense. 


With people who can see, we’d promote bicycle races, introducing blind people to tandems.

They will race one another for a chance to win a free lunch. At the end of the school year, the best riders will receive a trophy. We have tandems for three riders, so children are able to race one another. Their parents will guide these bikes, and they would ride in the back, racing against another team.


Sport Modality

So that adult people voluntarily want to drive these bicycles where the number two driver is a blind man or woman. We also promote these careers with teenagers who have disabilities.

For this we use bicycles designed to be driven by three people driver number three is the adolescent with a disability, driver number two is an adolescent without any disability, and driver number one is one the parents of these adolescents. These races also have Tandem, child size for minors whit visual impairments. In addition, we award trophies to the winners of each category.


Promote inclusive sports modalities; is another column of this foundation to make it easier for people whit disabilities to interact whit people whit whom they share similar characteristics.

People withour disabilities are also accepted to interact  whit people who have physical disabilities and to stimulate the interaction of both groups, we promote races in all the country´s bike paths, using Tandem bicycles.


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